Funny Man Frank De Lima Performs on Father's Day

Frank De Lima
Frank De Lima

(KHNL) - Father's day is June 17th, and what better gift to give your dad than the gift of laughter. Comedian Frank De Lima is starring in two Father's Day concerts on June 17th. The famous funny man is here to tell us all about it.

ANGELA KEEN:  People know you as Kolohara as we say it here rascal, were you that way growing up as well?

FRANK DE LIMA:  I was a shy, shy boy.

ANGELA:  Were you?

FRANK:  Hmm...I had strict parents and I went to catholic school so you don't play around, okay?  So I learned from when I was a kid "you don't clown around, Frankie, but only when people ask you to, when you have permission" so that's basically why I never got in trouble.

ANGELA:  A lot of people don't know this but you actually went to Seminary and you were in Seminary with Bishop Larry Silva.

FRANK: That's right, yep.

ANGELA:  What made you go into comedy?

FRANK:  I was always funny.  Since I was a kid, I used to dress up and imitate and people laughed but I never thought I would be a comedian.  I didn't know what a comedian was in a sense.  I enjoyed to imitate the comedians.  I had all these stash of comedies that I used for talent shows and family gatherings, my friends and then when I did not become a priest, I went into the tourist business with my brother-in-law's company and that's how it all bloomed and blossomed into professional comedian.

ANGELA: Well thank you for getting up so early and giving us a few smiles this morning, we appreciate it and we'll look for you at Dots In Waihawa on Father's Day.