How Detecting a Leak Can Save You Money

Frank Suster
Frank Suster

HONOLULUL (KHNL) - Every drip at your home could mean money down the drain. That's why the Honolulu Board of Water Supply held a special demonstration to show you how to detect a leak.

The first week of June is "Detect-A-Leak" week and the Board of Water Supply is urging customers to not only check but also fix leaks.

Not just because it will cut down on wasted water use, but it can also save residents as well. Because even the smallest leak can add up over time.

"If you were to leave your flapper on on a toilet, just leave it open, in one month's time, 170,000 gallons of water will flow through, which would cost you over $600 in water bills," said Frank Suster, City Mill Safety Coordinator and Facilities Manager. "So you can see if you can reduce the amount of flushes or displace the water, you can save a lot of money."

In an effort to help customers, the Board of Water Supply is providing free dye tablets so you can check for toilet leaks. They're available at all Satellite City Halls and City Mill Stores, as well as at the Board of Water Supply.