Racers Agree Race Track is Needed, Disagree on Details

Mike Kitchens
Mike Kitchens

(KHNL) - Oahu has been without a racetrack for about 13-months. The developer and landowner can't come to an agreement, and neither can all of the racers.

The racers have different opinions on where the track should be, who should be able to use it, and who should run it. One group set its differences aside to get to the finish line.

These rides are some of fastest and most tricked out on the island.

"Serious amounts of hard work, blood, sweat and tears," said Mike Kitchens, of the Oahu Motorsports Advisory Council. "These cars have nothing to do but sit in the garage and gather dust."

That's because Oahu's only racetrack, Hawaii Raceway Park, closed last year. The OMAC uses this show to get its message out to build the track.

"We as a community, need a racetrack," said Kitchens. "It doesn't really matter where, doesn't matter how, we just need a racetrack."

The OMAC admits it favors a proposal for a new, world class facility be built in Kalaeloa. Other race groups are against it, because the developer and landowner can't come to an agreement. And because of certain limitations due to the site's location next to an active runway.

"Somebody that's gonna invest millions of dollars into a racetrack facility is gonna take the time to plan everything out, and they're not gonna attempt to do something if it's not going to work," said Kitchens.

He feels a building a new track can happen.

"All the pieces are there," he said. "They just need to come together and need to figure out an amiable solution."

And it needs to, or else the only time these rides will be out is at car shows.

And that's not what they were built to do.

The Honolulu City Council is looking at one proposal that would condemn the old raceway property, to re-open it for racing. But right now, it's not known when a new track could be built.