UH Still Looking For 13th Game

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Well it's our goal that if we don't have that 13th game done by the end of the month, that's our drop dead date. That was the message from Herman Frazier.

A drop dead date that's apparently not quite dead.

Less than two weeks after UH Athletics Director Herman Frazier appeared before state lawmakers, regarding the 2007 Warrior Football schedule, that 13th game remains in question.

Some say Herman Frazier is doing the best job he can with what he has to work with.

This morning, Warrior Head Coach June Jones was a guest on News 8 Today, and tried to shed some light what's cooking on campus.

"We've been trying to fill it, and i know herman has some things working" says one fan.

But just who are the warriors talking too.

With the October 20th open date, any of these teams could be a potential opponent.

If that doesn't work, Hawaii also has an open date on November 3rd and could schedule any of these teams.

"But we just sort of play whomever shows up. You like to always play the pac 10 or somebody out east. But the players just play the same game regardless whoever shows up. I know the fans get excited about if its arizona state or oregon so we'll root for that" said June Jones