State Prepares for Fort Weaver Road Widening Project

Glenn Likong
Glenn Likong
Kelly Kilmartin
Kelly Kilmartin

By Walter Makaula

(KHNL) - Traffic in Ewa Beach is about to get worse, but officials say, it's only temporary, and it's for our own good. The state is adding more lanes to Fort Weaver road.

At a neighborhood meeting Thursday night, officials talked about the road widening project. From A`awa Drive to Geiger Road, two lanes will be added.

When complete, the existing four-lane roadway will become a six-lane highway.

Expect traffic to be backed up in the area from 10 o'clock in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon while crews are working on the road.

Glenn Likong of Ewa Beach says, "I think it's a start but I don't understand like I said it's a kind of like a band-aid on a artery this problem should have been a forethought way before as an after thought as it is now, and the planners and developers should have been responsible seeing as that problem.

Kelly Kilmartin, another Ewa Beach resident says, "As far as them they do need to widen it because of so much traffic like it could take like three lights to get off the street because there is so many merging lanes on the side and stuff."

Also, included in the expansion are five-foot shoulders,a six-foot concrete pedestrian path along the Wai`anae side, and a 10-foot path for pedestrians and cyclists along the Diamond Head side of the road.

The state anticipates the roadwork to begin in August and be completed by January 2009.