Shots Fired

There have been too many shootings here lately.  Of course, any time a weapon is used--as we have seen lately--is one time too many; an accident among teens, an argument at a party scene, a drug or domestic dispute.  There is no good news or new lessons from these incidents, just the reminder that we are not immune from such things happening here in a place that seems to have a great tolerance for tolerance among all people.

Name calling and bad blood are obviously bad things often based on ignorance, stereotyping, and personal problems, but shootings are statements which are certainly stunning and often permanent.  In many major mainland metropolitan areas, the population has become somewhat numb to these horrid acts, because they happen all too often.  Fortunately, we still maintain a sense of shock and distress when we see or hear of these disturbing events locally, because we cannot ever allow ourselves to be conditioned to accept them, and because our minds and souls won't shrug off these occurrences as simply part of modern life in the big city.

It would be naïve to suggest that simply talking things out could have prevented some of these heated events from reaching their awful conclusions, but one thing is clear.  We can never accept gun misuse as an alternative resolution for any kind of reasonable human interaction.  Not here, not anywhere.  Think About It.