Advice on How to Keep Your Pets Healthy

Dr. Shelby Goo
Dr. Shelby Goo

(KHNL) - It's been shown that pets can really enhance someone's health.  Not only that but it's important that pet owners take their time to enhance their pets health.  I'm joined by Doctors Richard Fujie and Shelby Goo, they're both veterinarians.  We're talking about pet care.  Tell me more about what people can do to help their pets.

DR. SHELBY GOO: Well firstly, depends on what types of pets you have.  Doing a little research first will help.  Going to a veterinarian will also give you some information on what your pet needs.  But proper food, exercise, living arrangement and of course your medical care is very important also.

MARY SIMMS:  And it's been shown that pets can increase people's health benefits.  What types of things can they increase?

DR. RICHARF FUJIE: Walking your dog would be great, you lose weight and your dog lose weight as well.  Another thing, it's been shown that people with chronic problems have a higher survival rate after returning from the hospital if they have a dog at home so keep your pets as healthy as possible.

MARY:  What's your best advice on how people can keep their pets as healthy as possible?

DR. FUJIE:  Take them to a vet twice a year.  Make sure your pet is healthy and we'll do some preventative medicine and keep your dog or cat in great shape.

MARY:  And what do people often come to you guys for?

DR. GOO:  Initially preventative care, that's very important.  Preventative care is going to prevent them from becoming ill and also if there is an illness that is determined, people will come in for advice on their pets that need help.

MARY: How important is it for people to regularly come in to see the vet twice a year?

DR. GOO: I recommend twice a year.  Your pets can communicate with you a certain way but we can't speak their language nor can they speak ours so we are the voice of their pets.  We need to be able to determine what's wrong by a physical exam and symptoms and history also is what people can tell us.  That's why we recommend twice a year because we are the medical expert and are able to assess their health.