Volunteers Help Pearl Harbor Memorial Keep Up

Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez
Eddie Martinez
Eddie Martinez

PEARL HARBOR (KHNL) - More than 1.5 million people visit the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial Vistor center, each year.

The National Parks Service doesn't have the man-power take care of all of the responsibilities.

So, it relies on dozens of volunteers to make it happen.

Except for New Years, Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Arizona Memorial is open seven days a week.

It is always packed.

And to think, less than 50 paid employees tend to the major daily operations.

The rest is up to volunteers.

''They're helping out with raising money for the new visitor center, they're helping with day-to-day operations," says National Park Services Historian Daniel Martinez. "So, there's a multitude of things that volunteers do, even with maintenance and keeping the park clean."

"My family on my mom side, they're survivors of the attack," explains volunteer Eddie Martinez.

Martinez, served in the U.S. Army after growing up in nearby Aiea.

"I love talking to people, explaining to them what I was taught from my parents who were here during the attack."

But the volunteer positions also attract people who have no immediate ties to the historic 19-41 attack, such as 22-year old, Megan Buck.

"I like history and I saw this on-line. You can come down and be a part of history and help out in rebuilding the building," says Buck.

Regardless of the motive, volunteering here will always have that special draw.

''This is a holy place," explains Eddie Martinez. "This is hallowed ground and I just feel honored to volunteer."