A Hawaii Born Pro Surfer Dies Of A Brutal Attack On The Mainland

Cindy Kauanui
Cindy Kauanui
Emery Kauanui
Emery Kauanui
Mike Power
Mike Power

(KHNL) - 24-year-old, Emery Kauanui, was nicknamed the "fly'n kauaian," after the island of Kauai where he was born.

After Hurricane Iniki in 1992 the pro surfer moved to California.

Last week, Kauanui became the victim of a brutal attack out side his house.

San Diego police say last Thursday, Kauanui got into a confrontation at the La Jolla Brew House, over a spilt drink.

Investigators say a group of men came to Kauanui's La Jolla home and beat him unconscious.

He fractured his skull in three places.

Kauanui died five days after he was attacked, on Memorial Day.

His mother, Cindy Kauanui, says "he didn't want to leave until he said goodbye to his family."

Police arrested 4 suspects in connection to the murder.

22-year-old Orlando Osuna, 21-year-old Seth Cravens, 20-year-old Eric House, and 20-year-old Matthew Yanke all face 1st degree murder charges.

Kauanui's friend, Mike Power, says "These are local kids as well that took a path that certainly turned out to be destructive, and it's a shame. Those lives were lost as well."

On Wednesday, friends and family remembered Kauanui by gathering for a candle light vigil at his family home.

They're hoping this type of senseless killing doesn't happen again.