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Murder Victim's Family Meet Up in Hawaii to Remember Her

Holly Dunlap Holly Dunlap
Kelsy Dunlap Kelsy Dunlap
Karen Ertell Karen Ertell

By Minna Sugimoto

DIAMOND HEAD (KHNL) - The family of an Ewa Beach woman murdered last Friday is in Honolulu seeking justice.  Karen Ertell's siblings and nieces are among those who flew in from Washington and Oregon following her violent death.

The family will be at Kapiolani Community College this Saturday.  Organizers of the Farmer's Market, which she participated in regularly, plan to set up a memorial tent and have a large card for the public to sign.  The family says it's grateful for the outpouring of support from the community.

Two sisters, one from Seattle, the other from Portland, meet up in Hawaii following a loved one's murder.

"She always thought that people can change," Holly Dunlap, victim's niece, said.  "And she obviously under estimated what he was capable of."

Their aunt, Karen Ertell, was strangled in her own home in Ewa Beach last Friday.  Her teenaged neighbor is accused of the violent crime.

"He may be 15, but these were not the actions of a 15-year-old," Kelsy Dunlap, victim's niece, said.  "These were adult actions.  And quite honestly, four years, God forbid he's tried in Family Court, four years is not enough."

The sisters describe their aunt as a loving woman with a great sense of humor who gave so much of herself to others.

"She called me recently and she was so excited because she was applying to nursing school because she wanted to join Doctors without Borders," Holly Dunlap said.

Prosecutors filed a petition asking the Family Court to waive its jurisdiction over the boy.  A hearing is set for July.

"My family, we can't even have this bright shining light of our family back," said Kelsy Dunlap.

Karen Ertell's father died seven years ago.  His family flew over the Oregon coast to scatter his ashes.  They would like to do the same for Karen, so she can be with her father once again.

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