Ways Parents Can Keep Cyber Eye on Their Kids

(KHNL) - Summer is right around the corner, children will have more free time to surf the web.    So how can you keep your kids safe online?

Between chatrooms and instant messages, it's hard enough for parents to keep track of their kids online activity. But there are ways for parents to keep a cyber eye on their keiki.

The internet is a useful tool.   It offers kids great opportunities to explore the virtual world.  But like the real world, all good things come with a price.

Parents can't always be on hand to prevent their kids from visiting potentially dangerous websites.  But there are a number of computer programs designed to keep your kids safe.

Net Nanny, CyberPatrol and Guardian Monitor are just some of the programs available. So how do they work?

"Usually have certain keywords so if they do a search, it won't even allow them to see those sites," said Todd Kingman of Hawaii Super Geeks.

But Kingman warns the programs are not always 100% effective.

"We all know kids these days have been around computers for some time now and they may even know more than their parents."

And even though it may not be 100 % effective, Kingman says it's the next best thing to good old fashion parental control.

"It's the best there is right now as far as control for keeping kids from going to certain places."

Parents can download the software online.    They range anywhere from $30 to $100.