Salmon in Ginger Sauce

Salmon in Ginger Sauce
(The National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii)
(Calabash Cookbook for Kidney Health)
Total Servings: 4

2½ lbs. salmon filet, half pound each 
3 Tbsp. sherry, dry
2 Tbsp. soy sauce (low sodium)
1 Tbsp. oriental sesame seed oil
1 Tbsp. ginger, finely minced
2 Tbsp. Chinese parsley, chopped
3 tsp. margarine

Combine sherry, soy sauce, and oil.  Baste fish with the marinade.  Sprinkle with ginger and parsley.  Dot with margarine (approx. 1½ tsp. per filet).  Refrigerate until ready to cook.  Preheat oven to broil.  Put in broiling pan and place below broiler.  Broil salmon until easily flakes with a fork (approximately 5 minutes).