Chinese Pastry Shop Closes Its Doors Soon

DOWNTOWN HONOLULU (KHNL) - One of the last Chinese pastry shops in Chinatown will be shutting its doors for good.

Shung Chong Yuein on Maunakea Street will close on Thursday after serving up traditional Chinese pastries for 45 years.

The owners of the family run business say they are ready to retire.

"My husband is old already," says Judy Ng. "He is 82 years old and not that strong anymore."

Mrs. Ng adds none of her children or grandchildren are able to take over the business.

Shing Yuen Ng began baking as a hobby and turned it into a prosperous business in 1962.

"I am very happy for all of the support from my customers," says Shing Yuen Ng. "We served three generations of families."

The family-run business is known for their moon cakes, peanut candy and a wide assortment of traditional Chinese baked goods.

After hearing about the store's closing, many customers rushed to buy all that they could get their hands on.

Some walked away feeling sad and wondering where they'll go to find the same kind of pastries.

"I was almost in tears," says Caroline Kim. "This is the place that we've been coming to ever since we were kids and we also have a cultural piece we are going to be missing and once this store closes, we won't have that cultural piece anymore."

Richard Lum flew from the mainland just to buy a box of the shop's remaining goodies.

"I came all the way from Freemont, California to buy the last dozen cookies that my wife wants. She really wanted to enjoy the yellow ones," says Lum pointing to the almond cookies.

All of the pastries are homemade and only Mr. Ng knows the recipes.

Ng's grandson, Daniel says," Many people have come up to ask if we are going to make a recipe book now that we are closing. I tell them I am not sure but my grandparents are spontaneous so who knows what will happen!"

At close to the day's end, most of the store shelves sat empty, the phone continued to ring off the hook, and many customers stopped by with flowers and leis to wish the Ng's a happy retirement.

"We kind of grew up when we were little at the store," says Audrey Ng. "We've seen them (customers) and they've seen our family grow up so it is a little sad for us to have to say goodbye."

"I am tired, I am very tired," says Mrs. Ng. "It's my time to enjoy the treats!"

There's no word on what business will take the place of Shung Chong Yuein when it closes.