John Duh

It seems quite frivolous that a local attorney is trying to ascertain whether or not there is an interested group of local residents that want to pursue yet another challenge to the Kamehameha Schools admission policy.  Is that really the way to make a point?  What makes this effort seem dubious right up front is the apparent suggestion that interested parties do not have to have even applied to Kamehameha in the past or have some deep-seeded desire to go there.  This plan suggests that if you will anonymously indicate that you now want to go to the school, what is required is simply an apparent intent to apply and then attend if the possible group lawsuit overturns the current school admission policy.

After last week's Kamehameha Schools' settlement decision with the family of prospective student "John Doe," this new effort almost sounds like a John Duh.  Gee, maybe if we raise another stink, the deep-pocketed School will simply settle to make it go away.  I don't think so. The beliefs and intent of the Kamehameha Schools run much deeper than simply caving in to some Johnny-come-lately scheme that might pop up here and there.

Yes, some day the final verdict on the admissions policy may be handed down from the U.S.   Supreme Court, but let's hope it's not after an apparent fishing expedition that brings more kids and parents along for a bumpy trip with little forethought.  Think About It.