Michelle Wie, All Grown Up

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It doesn't seem all that long ago but yes, Michelle Wie is growing up.

"You know its weird thinking i'm not a high school student anymore," said Wie, "and I actually love it."

On the horizon a new challenge awaits, college.

This fall she'll attend Stanford, and like all young people ready to make the jump, admits change can be scary.

"I guess it is a little bit, because i've never moved in my entire life," said Wie. "It was a weird experience packing everything and 'oh my god I don't want to leave here' but its going to be a really fun time."

From her early years, winning local tournament after local tournament, to her current status as an international superstar, the transformation seems staggering.

But Michelle insists no matter what, hawaii will always be first.

"I will always be a hawaii girl no matter what and i'm always going to come back here, and just always be a Hawaii girl."