Victim's Family React To Teen's Arrest

Kevin Callahan
Kevin Callahan

EWA BEACH (KHNL) - Police arrested a 15 year-old Ewa Beach youth in connection with his neighbor's death Honolulu Police say the boy's father turned his son in Saturday night. The teen faces charges of murder, robbery, burglary and auto theft.

Police confirm the teen was first arrested Friday night at Geiger Park with the victim's car.

The teen is being held at the youth detention facility. Police and prosecutors are asking family court to waive jurisdiction so he can be tried as an adult.

The victim Karen Ertell is remembered by her foster daughter Malanie Mclellan as an amazing woman who took her in as her own biological parents struggled with drug addiction. "I'm about to give birth soon. Karen was going to come to the birth and now he can get four years and I have the rest of my life without Karen the only real mother figure, stable mother figure."

Boyfriend Kevin Callahan explains, "She was the love of my life".

"Karen was taken from us Friday in a brutal murder. She had countless run-ins with this person. This person is well known to local police. It appears to all of us this was a premeditated, heinous act."

Callahan suspected the teenage neighbor immediately.

"He already has a long record; somebody known to police. It could have been prevented by his family, by the police, and it wasn't."

Callahan points to a possible motive. He says Karen was to testify against the teen after he was reportedly caught trying to steal her car, "She received this subpoena the day before she didn't show up for work."

Callahan says he worries if convicted, the 15 year-old could be released when he is 18, "We are asking everyone who knew Karen to start calling and writing the Honolulu District Attorney's office and Family Court. And we implore them to try this murderer as an adult. This person can't go free in a short period of juvenile detention."