Neighbors in Shock Over Teen's Arrest

Rheanna Dominici
Rheanna Dominici
Debbie Dominici
Debbie Dominici

EWA BEACH (KHNL) - Neighbors say they can't believe a 15-year old boy who lives next to them is suspected in a murder. They say it's normally a good, quiet neighborhood, where everyone keeps to themselves.

One neighbor tells us she used to hang out with the suspect before. But one day, he just stopped coming around.

News of the arrest of a teenage boy next door shocks neighbors.

"I was thinking that's really weird because we were friends with him," said neighbor Rheanna Dominici. "I would've never thought that would've came from him."

She describes the suspect as a really nice guy when he moved here from New Zealand about two years ago. She says he used to come to her house, but drifted away the last few months. She suspects he was on drugs.

"Sometimes we thought he was because he turned really skinny, so we're thinking maybe," said Dominici. "We never talked to him that much."

"This is a really good neighborhood, never had anything like this happen before," said mother Debbie Dominici.

Neighbors tell us there is a problem with break ins on several homes on this street, including at Ertell's. She and another man were supposed to appear in court fairly soon for one particular case.

Neighbors weren't sure if the case is one involving the suspect. But they are sure their quiet neighborhood will never be the same.

"This is something that is just a rare," said Debbie Dominici. "It could happen anywhere. It doesn't matter if you're living in Kahala or living in Waianae, somebody can get killed and just hope that it never happens again."