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Opening Ceremonies Kick Off Summer Games

Jolyn Imoto Jolyn Imoto
Gabe Cote Gabe Cote

By: Beth Hillyer

MANOA (KHNL) - The athletes come from all walks of life. They include men and women, boys and girls. They are all ages and all have very special talents. All competition aside, they come together for opening ceremonies.

And that's where the athletes, coaches, family and friends receive a heroes welcome.

Some are veterans of these games but there are also first time athletes.

The opening ceremonies included fabulous entertainment.

The athletes cheered as the warrior football mascot lit up the sky with a torch of his own.

But the real excitement is when the flame of hope arrived.

Those in the torch run circled the stadium for the moment everyone had been waiting - the lightning of the cauldron. Coach Alvin Puha enjoys the evening.

"The best moment was when the athletes walked into the stadium and lit the torch...unbelievable"

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