Police Continue Investigation in Suspicious Death

Sharon Barkley
Sharon Barkley

EWA BEACH (KHNL) - Honolulu Police work to connect mysterious clues in the death of an Ewa Beach woman.

Police arrest a 21-year old man found driving the dead woman's car, and they continue to investigate what they consider her suspicious death.

The broken yellow tape is the only sign of what happened a day ago on this quiet street -- shocked by the death of the perfect neighbor.

"She keeps it to herself," said neighbor Sharon Barkley. "Minds her own business and when she come out of the house, she wave and hi."

Police go to this house after the woman doesn't show up for work.

"The people that she delivers coffee to have been calling the office and she didn't pick up," said Barkley. "Someone called the police to see if they could check up on her."

They find her body inside. Neighbors identify her as 51-year old Karen Ertell. The voice message at her workplace, Koko Crater Coffee Roasters, confirms the news.

"To all our valued customers, we apologize for the inconvenience, but Karen Ertell passed on," said the man on the recording.

Neighbors say Ertell lived alone, but had two dogs and a cat. She took them walking, and liked to surf on the North Shore.

"She was just like an ordinary neighbor lady," said Barkley. "She was fun, friendly, she was out-going, and she had a lot of confidence."

Her car is found abandoned at Geiger Park. Two males are arrested, but not for Ertell's death. Police continue to search for the answers for that.

The 21-year old man was released after posting bail. The second person arrested in connection with Ertell's car is a juvenile. It's not known if he's still in police custody.