Woman Found Dead in Ewa Beach House

Sharon Barkley
Sharon Barkley

EWA BEACH (KHNL) - Police arrived at a home Friday afternoon and found the victim's body on the floor.

A neighbor tells us that the victim's family became concerned after she did not answer their phone calls.

"From what I was told, the family and where she's worked at -- the people that she delivers coffee to -- have been calling the office and she didn't pick up.  So I guess someone called the police to see if they could check up on her and they came to her house, knocked on the door and they found her in her room," says Sharon Barkely, neighbor.

While investigating at the home, police discovered that one of the victim's cars was missing -- a blue Volvo.

They put out an all points bulletin for the car.

Earlier Friday evening, police say someone reported a hazardous driver on Geiger Road.

When officers responded, it turned out the car in question was the Volvo they had been searching for.

It had been abandoned at Geiger Park.

Investigators are talking with two witnesses who were at the scene when the car was abandoned.