Summer Travel Season Begins

Stacy Bathrick
Stacy Bathrick

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The mad, mad rush to get out of town or off island begins with this, the official start of the summer travel season.

So how has this day been for travelers? Those we talked to at Honolulu International Airport say so far, so good.

Many of them pass through the Interisland Terminal to start their vacation or for a quick Neighbor Island getaway.

Stacy Bathrick planned for this day a long time ago. It's the first time she's traveling with her 7-month-old twins.

"What we did was make a list of everything we needed to do, about a month ago so we've been planning and preparing every day for this big journey," she said.

She's not the only one.

"Yah, we had to plan because they check out a lot of stuff now," said Russell Ramones, traveler.

Travelers say they planned for the worst, but so far, it's been smooth sailing. And they're pleasantly surprised.

"Because I thought it was just going to be jam packed and crazy, but it's not too bad," said Paton Richardson.

Lines formed at the ticket counter and at security, but the waits weren't too long. Airline and airport employees also helped moved things along.

"We've gotten a lot of assistance of getting us through the airport," said Bathrick.

Transportation officials advise travelers to stay ahead of the game. If you're heading to Honolulu International Airport, you're being encouraged to use a taxi, shuttle or have someone drop you off because parking is tight. Get to the airport almost 3 hours before your flight departs.

And be prepared for anything because while today might not look that bad, you never know what tomorrow will bring.