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Subject: Request for Plaintiffs

Bill and Dick: As we discussed, I am attempting to put together a group of plaintiffs to bring an action challenging Kamehameha Schools' race-based admissions policy. The lawsuit will be identical to the John Doe lawsuit that was recently settled.

I hope to have a group of at least 10-20 plaintiffs prior to filing the lawsuit. The new lawsuit will be brought as a John and Jane Doe action and the identity of all of the plaintiffs will be kept extremely confidential; identities will be disclosed only to the presiding judge and possibly opposing counsel subject to a protective order.

Interested plaintiffs and/or their parents may contact me directly. I will not disclose their identity to anyone without their prior consent. There will be absolutely no cost to the Plaintiffs. To be a plaintiff, a party must either be or have a school aged child (i.e., 4-16 years old), must live in Hawaii, and must have the intent to attend the Kamehameha Schools if accepted.

It may also be necessary to apply for admission to Kamehameha Schools, although this need not have been already done. Thank you for your assistance.

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