Hawaiian Airlines Announces Layoffs

Mike Dunkerley
Mike Dunkerley
John Redmond
John Redmond

(KHNL) - Hawaiian Airlines announced it is eliminating 136 positions in an effort to keep in line with a rapidly changing industry.

Company executives say it's not based on competition and rates cuts in the Inter-island market, rather a reorganization of the airline.

Hawaiian is the state's largest airline. They transport more than six million people a year. So don't expect to see any major chages in operations.

Following an internal review, Hawaiian Airlines is laying off nearly one hundred middle managers.

President and CEO Mike Dunkerley says, "To reach a conclusion that the right thing to do for the busienss is that for 98 of them to be no longer with the business is very very difficult decision to make."

They will also eliminate 38 positions. Many of the jobs being cut invovle managers and administrators.

Dunkerley adds, "We have reorganized because customer behavior changes, the nature of our business changes, technology changes."

Reporter Beth Hillyer learned "While none of the Hawaiian employees wanted to talk about the layoffs on camera, off camera they said they were disappointed that many of those affected by the cutbacks were like their family members."

Passengers are concerned about fallout from the cutbacks. Frequent Flier John Redmond comments, "It sounds like a bottum line deal geared more for the investors not the people being layed off, so this makes the bottum line look good. By that many people, how many dollars are you saving, as far as payroll goes by that you are adding to your profit margin."

Redmond worries service will suffer, "They have done this before built, rebuilt. I hope it doesn't affect their service because who else are we going to? Because they have become competetive as far as their prices go but I want to them to stay competetive as far as their service goes."

Hawaiian executives say they hope the cuts will promote financial growth.