Lei Needed to Honor Fallen Heroes

KOKO HEAD (KHNL) - The city needs 50,000 lei to honor the grave sites of veterans on Memorial Day. The lei will be placed on graves of fallen service members at Punchbowl and all state veteran cemeteries.

Picking flowers. It's a simple act, but for these Job Corp, and senior center volunteers, it holds a special meaning.

"It's a way of giving back, said Clint Jamile, Dept. of Parks and Recreation. "Through community efforts organizations, and individuals, and we are just a small part of giving back."

Picking the flowers from the trees is just the first step in using them to honor of our country's fallen hero's.

"It's very important to honor those who have given up their lives. For us to be here today."

"Being here means something special for all the volunteers, but for one in particular it has an even deeper meaning."

"Because Punchbowl is such a beautiful site and cemetery and his ashes are there," said volunteer Kathy Minn.

"He," is Kathy's late husband, and just one of the reasons she's here today.

"Regardless of what your feelings are about the war I think we always should think about the people that sacrificed their lives, for the rest of us, so that we can maintain the kind of life we want."

The volunteers will fill nearly 30 boxes like this, before their day is done.

You can honor America's service men and women on Memorial Day by donating lei. They are needed by Friday, and can be dropped off at all fire stations on Oahu.