Bogus Drive-By Shooting Report Frustrates Many

Leslie Ragma
Leslie Ragma
Christian Wamberg
Christian Wamberg

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Frustration, anger, relief. There are mixed emotions at Aiea High School, as students learn a report of a drive-by shooting earlier this week is a big lie.

Amanda Blades-Serrao and her friends are stunned that a report of a drive-by shooting involving her classmates is bogus.

"Lying just makes things worse," she said. "You just gotta tell the truth and then everything will be okay."

A 16-year-old boy was shot in the chest in the Aiea Public Library parking lot Monday night. Police asked for the public's help in the case, after the victim's friends told investigators someone in a passing car opened fire on them.

"Some of my friends told me," Christian Wamberg, victim's classmate, said. "I was kind of just like shocked."

But word spreads on campus that the random shooting story is a lie. Investigators now say the victim's 16-year-old friend accidentally shot him while playing with a stolen gun.

"How the hell, how'd they get it," Leslie Ragma, victim's classmate, said. "Like did someone help them get it or something, or maybe stole it. It's kind of scary."

Police are frustrated by the turn of events, and are pursuing a "filing a false police report" charge against the suspect.

"People need to realize that, aside from the resources that are expended in the investigation, you know, you create really a panic within the people in that community," Capt. Frank Fujii, Honolulu Police Department, said.

We aren't identifying the boys because of their ages. The stolen gun hasn't been recovered.

"A good time for us to remind people who, who have handguns or any type of firearms at home, that they really need to secure it properly," Fujii said.

On Wednesday, prosecutors filed a family court petition against the 16-year-old suspect on firearms and false reporting charges.