Waikiki Has Much To Offer To More Relaxed Crowd

Marina Jones
Marina Jones
Patsy Narimatsu
Patsy Narimatsu

(KHNL) - When you think night life in Waikiki, you think party, clubs and bars. but there's also a lot for the more mellow crowd.

As the sun sets on another day in paradise, visitors and everyone else at Kapiolani Park, are guests to a free concert every weekday.

"One of the few cheaper things in Hawaii," said Pat Ratajczak, visitor from Wisconsin.

Besides the song and dance, guests also get some important vacation tips.

"Very nice, good jokes," said Terry Ratajczak. "Everybody seems to be enjoying it, don't have a real big crowd but every day must be different."

When you get hungry or thirsty, there's the new MAC 24-7 restaurant at the Hilton Waikiki Prince Kuhio.

"People describe it between Happy Days and the Jetsons," said Marina Jones, the hotel's director of restaurants. "It's very colorful, we have the beads, the dome, stainless steel dome sugar bowls, it's just different."

24-7 because it's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"It's a fun place to come, especially if you have a late night, to come and have drinks," said Patsy Narimatsu.

Mac for it's food -- modern american cuisine, mixing local favorites like saimin and loco moco, with steak and lasagne.

The signature dish is this massive stack of pancakes. Finish it by yourself, and it's on the house.

"We heard it was the biggest pancakes in Waikiki so we wanted to see for ourselves," said Jamie Ing. "It really is."

And the best deal -- free validated parking.

"Free parking in Waikiki -- that's very rare," said Ing.

There's also a free festival next weekend. Waikiki by Moonlight, Friday night, June 1st. It's like a block party on Kalakaua Avenue featuring food, crafts, and entertainment.