Cynics or Realists?

The lack of voting by the eligible voting public in Hawaii is hard to fathom for some.  Yet recent examples of political posturing might help to allow us to better understand why some people are simply fed up.  Not voting is really an improper way to show your disgust with the system, but there have been a few issues of late that simply make you wonder.  The supposed shenanigans surrounding Peter Young's ouster--was he really a bad manager or was this a blatant political move--certainly caused some in the general public to question motives and suggest it was just the "same old, same old."

And then there's the seemingly annual restructuring of the Honolulu City Council.  Good grief, these people shuffle the deck more than a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas.  Every year it seems we get a power play and convenient alignments.  Can this possibly make for quality problem-solving?  Can this really enhance the general public's perception of our elected officials?

While I understand the high degree of passive aggressive behavior we have here in many areas of Hawaii, I also now see why people who don't vote or who seem cynical feel that often-times working the system and playing the game for political survival are more important than getting tough work done.  That's political reality in many places, and we all pay the price. Think About It.