Colt Brennan Voices His Support of Herman Frazier

Colt Brennan
Colt Brennan
Herman Frazier
Herman Frazier
Representative Mark Takai
Representative Mark Takai
May 23, 2007 12:33 AM

By Reid Shimizu

MANOA (KHNL) - University of Hawai'i Quarterback Colt Brennan is used to launching touchdown bombs down field.

However his comment's last month last month in regards to the quality of facilities on the university's campus, set off a bomb of another sort.

One Brennan says wasn't meant to target UH-Manoa Athletics Director Herman Frazier.

"This whole thing and when I made those comments, it was never to suggest the Athletic Department didn't do a good job or anything like that," said Brennan.

"You know I like Herman Frazier a lot and I have a lot of respect for him and I know he's trying to do everything right and it sucks he's kind of put in this position he's in now."

Brennan also pointed out that on-campus improvements have begun.

"Already when you walk around campus and you go into our locker rooms, so much has been done in the last few weeks that it almost looks brand new."

Facility up keep however, was just only one of many topics discussed during Monday's informational briefing, in which Frazier met with members of the Senate and House Education committees.

Questions that Rep. K. Mark Takai wanted answers to.

"Pleased that we had the discussions that we had yesterday," said Takai. "I think if anything it brought up additional questions that need to be addressed and I think the verdict is still out, whether the concerns warrant anything more than just further questions."

Brennan says he sympathizes with Frazier's current situation, and says his comments weren't meant to hurt but rather aid the Athletic Department.

"I've done nothing but stand up and try to defend the Athletic Department," Brennan said. "You know I've said nothing but great things about Herman Frazier but nobody wants to put that in articles, no one wants to put that in the media outlets and now its turned into this whole issue. The main thing was to help the school. You know I've had teachers, janitors, all types of people thank me that I got the ball rolling and got a lot of positive things rolling."