North Shore Shooting Suspect Arrested

William Ching
William Ching

NORTH SHORE (KHNL) - Relief for a North Shore father, as a suspect in his son's murder is arrested. Honolulu police arrest 21-year-old Dustin Jiminez Tuesday, two days after the deadly shooting.

"It was so soon," said William Ching, father of the victim. "I figured it would at least take the whole week."

31-year-old Dillion Ching was gunned down in front of his home in Pupukea last Saturday night.

Flowers and photos make up a small memorial at Ching's home. He got news of the arrest Tuesday afternoon.

"I'm glad," said Ching. "It's just a burden off me and my family."

Ching says his children know of the suspect, just from parties and around the area. Family members say they've been in altercations with the suspect and his friends before.

Ching just wants all of it to end.

"I would walk up to him and I say I have no animosity to you," he said. "I just go up there, shake his hand, hug him, and tell him you know what, it's over already. Pau."

"I don't want this to escalate to any stuff like that. That's the way I feel."

Because the only ones who suffer are the ones left behind.

Dillion Ching leaves behind two-year-old son Isaiah and wife Desiree.

"I pity her," said Ching. "I pity the baby."

Jiminez has three prior convictions -- all misdemeanors. For disorderly conduct, criminal trespassing, and driving without a license.

He has not been charged yet for the shooting.