Experts Predict Hurricane Season

HONOLULU (KHNL)- Hurricane season in our part of the Pacific begins the first of the month.

Today experts issued their 2007 forecast.

It looks like thanks to a weakening el nino and eventually a cool La Nina we will see a quiet storm season.

But forecasters warn this does not mean a destructive storm won't hit.

They're predicting two to three tropical storm systems this season.

"That's below the average of about but what really concerns me is people think it's below average and they don't have to worry but that's absolutely false. Even if there's only two to three one of those could hit hawaii and we could have tremendous devastation," says Jim Weyman of the National Weather Service.

Torecasters say the best way to keep your family and pets together during a storm is to reinforce your home and have a family disaster plan.

Governor Linda Lingle signed several bills today to help residents and businesses prepare for a hurricane.

Hurricane season begins june first and runs through November 30th.