Witnesses to Kaneohe Murder Testify About Frightening Ordeal

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Gripping testimony in an Oahu courtroom, as witnesses to last week's murder on Kaneohe Bay Drive take the stand at a preliminary hearing Monday. For their protection, the judge asks the media to not show their faces.

A woman caught in the middle of a gang-land style shooting testifies about her ordeal. Jacqueline Nault was driving her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend on Kaneohe Bay Drive, when she saw Benjamin Grajeda coming at her.

"I noticed that a white man was running like a head-on collision with me," she said. "So I did a dead stop."

As Grajeda went by, she says Jerrico Lindsey, who was chasing him, started shooting.

"I saw him lift his hand up with a gun," Nault said. "The white guy was behind my van, and I heard the shot go poom, poom, poom and the flashes of light."

She says she "freaked out" and tried to shield her passengers with her body.

"I saw the white guy on the ground with his hands up, and the black man over him shooting him," Nault said.

Lindsey is charged with murder, terroristic threatening and four firearms offenses. William Freeman is accused of kidnapping and hindering prosecution.

The city medical examiner who performed the autopsy testifies the victim had 16 gunshot wounds to his body, as well as numerous bruises, cuts and scrapes.

"He bled out," Dr. Gayle Suzuki, deputy medical examiner, said. "And there were injuries to his lung, which prevented him from breathing."

The judge determines there's enough evidence to send the case to trial. The defendants are scheduled to be arraigned at Circuit Court June 4th.