Hurricane Season is Just Around the Corner

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Hurricane season is just around the corner.

So are you prepared for a disaster?

Experts say being prepared could make a big difference in your chances of survival.

That's why experts encourage you to gather supplies now.

Al Paganucci, supervisor at City Mill in Iwilei, says you need a first-aid kit, duct tape and water, about a gallon per person per day. He points out some other things to have around, such as non-perishable food items and a small propane tank.

"So it's something else you might want to make sure you have, at least gets you by for a couple of days so you'd at least be able to do some cooking," said Paganucci.

This four-in-one gadget can also be helpful.

"It's a radio, flashlight, battery recharger for your cell phone and all you do is turn the crank, no batteries involved at all," he said.

Everyone we talked to say they have some items to help them survive a disaster.

"The batteries, water, and so forth," said Chris Renteria, Kapolei resident.

But they also say they'll get the rest of the emergency items, if and when they need them.

"I think if you store too fast, too early, the stuff can get stale on you," said Steve Johnson, Salt Lake resident.

Experts encourage you to make a hurricane survival kit now. Because when a disaster hits, a store could quickly run out of inventory and you could easily run out of time.

If you need more information, Hawaiian Electric Co. puts out an emergency preparedness handbook. It'll be available at any City Mill store in a couple of weeks.