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A Booming Kalihi Business Community Hosts Sunset On The Beach In Kalihi

Ron Jones Ron Jones
Darin Shigeta Darin Shigeta
Rose Abella Rose Abella

by: Beth Hillyer

KALIHI (KHNL) - The event was a platform to showcase the town's thriving business community and aloha spirit.

Sunset in Kalihi is winding down. But the story doesn't end here. The revitalization of this bustling community continues.

Sunset on the Beach travelled to Kalihi and the community couldn't have been happier.

Movie Goer Rose Abella comments, "It's a good event for the kids. they love it. We are having fun, stay for two days already."

Food booths feature some Kalihi restaurants. Families enjoy rides including the thrilling roller coaster.

Organizers of this event liken this ride to the business climate in Kalihi. Lots of ups and downs.

Darin Shigeta with the Kalihi Business Association says, "Kalihi has over the years in some people minds developed a negative reputation. And we are trying to change it and bring together events like this Kalihi summit and bring something to the community that everyone can really be proud of."

Ron Jones also with the Kalihi Business Association adds, "It's the old part of the city that has gone into decay and it's on the way back up."

Members of the Kalihi Business Association are among the sponsors of Sunset in Kalihi. They brag about business opportunities in this part of town.

"Kalihi is really and truly the heart of Honolulu you would be surprised at the size of the payroll and the number of businesses headquartered here." says Jones.

More than 100 Kalihi leaders and business owners are committed to mapping out it's future and revitalization. They expect some challenging turns ahead but overall they look forward to a good ride.

As this event comes to an end, a major effort to re-develop Kalihi is just getting underway.

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