Convertible Plunges Off a Seaside Cliff on Maui

Ken Smith
Ken Smith

MAUI (KHNL) - A passing driver called 911 when he saw this white convertible bobbing in the water.

The crash happened along highway leading from Lahaina to Kapalua in West Maui around noon.

The driver's body was discovered on the rocky shoreline. The car is still bobbing in the water offshore Honolua Bay.

He appears to have been ejected from the convertible during the fall.

Witness Ken Smith describes the crash, "I was out collecting shells on the rocks heard a big thump. As I turned around all I saw was a blur and a big splash. I thought it was just a big rock that fell and hit the water. An hour later rescuers on a sled, ski doo, came in and I realized that a car had gone off."

Maui County Public Information Officer Mahina Martin issued a statement,

"Well the car that went over the cliffside was in an area called Honolua at mile post 34 on the West Side of Maui.

Investigators are trying to learn the identity of the victim. They had to use the Maui Fire Department's helicopter to recover the victim's body from rocky shoreline.