Protestors say Suspect in Waikele Beating was Defending Family

Ao Poahkuku Rodenhurst
Ao Poahkuku Rodenhurst

Protestors want to set the record straight on an attack in a shopping center parking lot. According to the group, the man charged with assault for beating a married couple was coming to the aid of his wife and son.

"What happened in the Waikele beating wasn't exactly what they claim it was," said Ao Pohakuku Rodenhurst, organizer of the protest. "It was the media that put the spin on the truth."

45-year old Gerald Paakaula pleaded not guilty on assault charges, for beating Andrew Dussell and his wife Dawn, at Waikele Shopping Center in February.

Investigators say the Dussells bumped Paakaula's SUV. The people inside argued, and a fight followed. The protestors cite witness statements that Dussell's wife attacked Paakaula's teenage son first, then beat Paakaula's wife.

"The mother comes out, sees this, go for protect her son, and this Dawn Dussell beats her down," said Rodenhurst. "Beats her in front of her son, and the son couldn't do nothing because the two soldiers standing there, taunting, threatening him."

Police say the teen started the fight. They say Gerald Paakaula ended it, by slamming Dawn Dussell onto the asphalt, and punching Andrew Dussell and kicking him on the ground.

"He was defending his family and his wife, and just so happen, Dussell got lickens," said Rodenhurst.

"This could've happened to anybody, but the bottom line is the victim is now the guilty party, and the guilty is heroes," she said. "They not no heroes. They are guilty."

Officials from the prosecutors office say they cannot comment on an on-going case. Paakaula's trial is scheduled to start later this month.