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Jimmy Hall's Final Adventure

Stefanie Brendl Stefanie Brendl
Jake Kilfoyle Jake Kilfoyle
Matt Gerdes Matt Gerdes

By: Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - Jimmy Hall was best known for a swim he took with a great white shark. But the owner of a North Shore shark tour company loved all kinds of adventures.

Sadly, he died last week during one of the greatest challenges of his life. Today members of his base jumping expedition to Canada talked about losing Hall.

Baffin Island near the arctic circle offers adventurers like Jimmy Hall amazing scenery. Girlfriend Stefanie Brendl says,

"Well the people who know Baffin Island wanted him to go, I wanted him to go, it's a dream of his."

For base jumpers these 3-thousand foot cliffs are heaven on earth. But enroute they went sledding with kids. And journeyed on using snowmobiles. Shortly before the fatal jump Brendl spoke to Hall, "The day before they called on a satellite phone like a group of kids on an outting. I hung up really, really happy for him because he was doing just what he wanted to do."

But cold beyond belief. Expedition member Jake Kilfoyle explains, "It wasn't uncommon for us to wear 4-5 coats. We went out to Baffin Island because Baffin Island has the highest vertical walls in the world."

They wear special bird man or wing suits. Kilfoyle tells us, "They allow you to fly farther than your regular body."

While difficult, for the first time members of Hall's expedition talk about what happened. Expedition member Matt Gerdes recalls the accident,

"Jimmy took a few extra seconds to get his suit going forward. You need that forward speed and glide in order to clear the terrain and a few seconds into the jump he ended up too low in the canyon to have a safe deployment. I would say we were all very sad, in a word sad, we all started missing him immediately."

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