UH Football Fans React To Lackluster Schedule

Ryan Sawyer
Ryan Sawyer

(KHNL) - Fans at the Eastside Grill watch a game from last season hoping this year's action will be as exciting.

Fan Ryan Sawyer comments, "It's a little disappointing to see two Division One AA schools on the schedule this year with Colt coming back extending himself for another year it is a little disappointing."

Eddie Hayashi cheers the Warriors, "It's kinda unfair as far as what UH is getting, not getting the respect basically they are nationally recognized already."

Some fans like Sawyer say the schedule's not worth the investment,

"I will not be a season ticket holder this year but I will still go to most of the games but with Division One AA schools on the schedule it's just not worth it to buy season tickets."

One thing holds true for football fans they do a lot of armchair quarterbacking

Hayashi adds, "I think it is kinda late for them to still be looking for a game you don't see this in the big schools up on the mainland."

Sawyer agrees, "It's just another excuse. They had all year to put a slate for next year and they didn't do it."