Remains of Vietnam War Veteran Arrive in Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL, Minnesota (KHNL) - An Air Force pilot who died during the Vietnam War comes home, more than 37 years after his plane is shot down.

Major Ben Danielson was classified as "missing in action" until late last year. Remains found in 2003 ended up being those of Major Danielson.

His family arrived in Minnesota Thursday morning with his remains, to complete a journey that took almost four decades. They came to Hawaii earlier in the week to take Major Danielson home.

"It felt like he's finally where he wants to be," said Mary Danielson, his widow. "He said he was coming home and now he has, and Minnesota's home."

A Minnesota veterans color guard accompanied Major Danielson's coffin. Current and retired military veterans came to honor the fallen air force pilot. Major Danielson will be buried in his hometown of Kenyon, Minnesota. That ceremony is scheduled for June 15.