Moms Want Playground Equipment for Toddlers

D. J. Barber
D. J. Barber
Jodi Coetzee
Jodi Coetzee

WAIPAHU (KHNL) - The familiar sound of children at play. Moms at the Central Oahu Regional Park in Waipahu said they need a playground for toddlers. The existing playground equipment is recommended for kids five to twelve.

"Well, five to twelve year olds is great if it's the weekend or the evenings, but during the week, everybody that uses it have toddlers," said D. J. Barber, a Mililani mom of a one-year-old toddler.

Moms at the park said the lack of playground equipment for toddlers is taking the fun out of playing.

"I say the city bought these jungle gyms in bulk because everywhere we go, it's the same jungle gym, which is great for my daughter. She's three, but it's terrible for him because he's eleven months," said Jodi Coetzee, a mom of two.

Parents say the problem is this playground is high above the ground, and openings like this make it dangerous for toddlers.

These moms hope Honolulu city officials add playground equipment for toddlers.

"Just having baby swings would be nice, and having smaller slides and even if they had a sandbox, of things like that for the littler kids," said Tara Ede, a mom of two toddlers.

They want to get their kids started on an active lifestyle, but they need the city's help.

"To get us out here, you have to have somewhere for us to play," said Barber. "And active youth doesn't start with pee-wees at five and six years old; it starts with your very little ones at two and one and a half."

Hoping the city takes them seriously about their playground concerns.

Officials with the Department of Parks and Recreation could not be reached Thursday afternoon for comments.