Stephanie Lum Serves It Up at Flamingo's Restaurant

Patty Kanehiwa
Patty Kanehiwa

HONOLULU (KHNL)- It's a restaurant on Oahu you can't miss especially since it's been around for decades.

For many years, my family and I have been going to the Flamingo Restaurant on Kapiolani Boulevard to enjoy the same great meals, and be greeted by the same friendly waitresses like Patty Kanehiwa.

Patty has been a waitress since 1967.

"Waiting on tables isn't that hard," Kanehiwa says. "All you need is maybe just a little patience with the cook that's all!"

With that advice, she hands me a blue apron decorated with bright pink flamingos and a small note pad and pen. She smiles and says, "Go get changed," and points to the restroom.

I quickly put on my new uniform and can't help but feel a little nervous taking on the job of being a waitress at Flamingo's.

First, Patty walks me through all the specials of the day.

From soups, lunch entrees, to four different choices of salad dressings, I find out, there is a lot to memorize! I also made sure to wear my most comfortable shoes since this I'll definitely be on my feet!

I make my way towards my first group of customers. They seem a bit surprised to see me donning a uniform as I recite the specials of the day by memory and jot down their orders.

"So far so good," I think to myself.

In the back, I enter their meals into the computer: chicken katsu, miso butterfish and a chicken club sandwich.

Once the orders are up, with Patty's help, I manage to balance all three plates in one hand and make my way to the table very slowly.

They seem happy and satisfied with their meals and are eager for dessert.

"Would you like jello, banana pie, or chocolate pudding?" I ask.

They enthusiastically order the chocolate pudding with whip cream.

It's just about the end of my day and so far, thankfully, I have not dropped any plates!

With that in mind, I confidently whip up their desserts and present it to them at the table saying, "Thanks for dining with us here at Flamingo's! Make sure you come back again!"