Ho Hmm

I interviewed Don Ho almost 30-years ago for a local magazine.  It was before his show, and he let me into his dressing room and made me feel right at home.  Twenty-five years later, an entertainment friend of mine was in town and wanted to go to Don's show, so we went, and we met up with Don right before the show.  Again, he couldn't have been more pleasant, more personable, more real.

The entertainment industry locally and nationally is full of prima donnas, wanna-bes, egos out of control, what's-in-it-for-me, but something was very noble about the way Don went about his craft, the way he humbly accepted whatever fame came his way.  Maybe it's the ultimate example of local style, his "ain't no big thing" mantra.  Maybe it was his deep understanding of his true roots.  Maybe it was that fact that he simply connected with the audience, while never taking himself too seriously.  Maybe we can all learn from that--connect, but relax.

Don Ho was the last great act of a bygone era, and he truly made a difference to millions of visitors and TV viewers who considered him a local icon as big as Diamond Head.  He shared his gift, and like all gifts, some loved it, some didn't.  Either way, it surely "ain't no big thing".  Think About It.