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Kailua High's School Spirit Spreads Into Community

Chauncy Williams Chauncy Williams
Amber Strong Amber Strong
Chuck Burrows Chuck Burrows

By Marvin Buenconsejo

KAILUA (KHNL) - Students at Kailua High School swarmed their community, this week, armed with gloves, trash bags, and lots of school spirit.

It's part of their 3rd Annual School Community Day.

Happily greeted with a Hawaiian chant at the Ulupo Heiau on the eastern edge of Kawainui Marsh, a number of Kailua High School students pulled-up their gloves and got busy.

''We're trying to give back to the community of Kailua and Kaneohe, which all of the students of Kailua High School live in," says Chauncy Williams.

"We're trying to help out our sacred land at the Ulupo Heiau and pretty much spead it out for generations to our children."

In one form or another, the entire high school chooses one day of the year to give back.

''The number one thing that leads to civic competence and voting, later on in life, is not the amount of civics courses that you take, but actually doing community service," says the Kailua High Schools faculty coordinator of community day, Amber Strong.

"It doesn't matter if the kids choose to do it, or if it's something that's required of them in school, it will project later on in life."

At the same time a number of Kailua students visited the picturesque Na Pohaku O Hauwahine. It is no secret as to why.

''This is the place where the most native plants are growing and these plants then give rise to who the students are as Hawaiians and as local residents of Kailua," says Chuck Burrows of the Kailua Hawaiian Civic Club.

Giving rise to pride on the Windward side.

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