North Shore Residents on High Alert

Kimo Greene
Kimo Greene
Steve Debeikes
Steve Debeikes

(KHNL) - Residents on the North Shore of O'ahu tell us they feel scared to know that the third suspect may still be in their neighborhood.

Lokoea Place is a quiet street with just few homes. Now neighbors are on high alert after a shooting suspect used one house as an escape route.

"We're locking our gate now. It's unfortunate. We never had to lock it before. Now we lock our gate to make sure strangers don't come in our yard," said North Shore resident Kimo Greene.

Having dogs is always effective. On the night of the incident, two rottweilers Roxy and Maka made two suspects think twice before setting foot on Kimo Greene's land.

"My dogs woke me up with a bark I have never heard from them before they were very upset. Fortunately our dogs made sure these people didn't come on our property. They're worth their weight in gold," said Greene

Steve Debeikes works at Jameson's Restaurant - where the suspect's vehicle was discovered on Monday. He's says it's just a matter of time before this last suspect finally surfaces.

"I don't see him being able to hide for too much longer, somebody has got to find him," said North Shore resident Steve Debeikes.

Until the third suspect is found, residents in this tight knit community will keep an eye out for each other and use any means possible to keep him off their streets.

Haleiwa is known as one of the most peaceful communities on O'ahu and residents say they'd like to keep it that way. They're hoping the fugitive is caught soon so that everything can turn back to normal.