Brazen Shooting Unfolded In Front of Horrified Witnesses

Anne Bower
Anne Bower

KANEOHE (KHNL) - Imagine seeing a gunman firing off rounds right in front of you. The brazen attack on Kaneohe Bay Drive happened as residents in the area and people traveling on the roadway watched.

It's not something you witness every day, not in Hawaii and certainly not in your own neighborhood. The people we talked with say they're still trying to make sense of what they saw.

Like balcony seats at an opera house, Anne Bower's lanai provided one of the best views of the violent drama. She was on the phone with police dispatch as a gunman pumped multiple bullets into the victim.

"They were still shooting because she could hear it," the 911 caller said. "She thought, oh, is it just fireworks? And I said no, those are shots. Someone's being shot."

Witnesses say they heard well over 20 shots in rapid succession.

"You get really shaky inside and you're trying to take it in," Bower said. "But it's like, it's impossible."

She says she watched in horror as the shooter started to leave but then returned to the dying man.

"I don't know if he saw him move or he just decided to be sure," she said. "He came back towards him and shot him some more. Then he stopped moving."

Bower's been living along the busy roadway for five-and-a-half years, and has witnessed several traffic crashes. She says this is, by far, the worst thing she's ever seen.

"It's like you're in the middle of TV series shoot or something, you know," she said. "And it never occurred to me that shots could come to my house. So when I realized my neighbor's house got shot, I was like, oh, wow."

She says it'll take some time for her to get over what she saw.

"It hits you. Somebody died. We saw somebody die," Bower said. "I've never seen that before. That's just not, just not real."

No doubt the witnesses were instrumental in the manhunt that followed. With chaos happening in front of them, they still had the sense to call police and provide crucial information.