Project Safe Graduation Kicks Off on Leeward Coast

Ofc. Antone Pacheco
Ofc. Antone Pacheco

WAIANAE (KHNL) - Slow down, and don't drink and drive.

That's the message from those on the Oahu's Leeward Coast, as we enter a dangerous season.

A fourth of all traffic deaths on the island happen on the Leeward Coast. So as graduation season is about to begin, Honolulu Police and residents want to make sure everyone stays safe on our roads.

These students want to make sure drivers hear their message loud and clear.

"Basically slow down, obey the limit, follow the rules, that way we can prevent these crashes from happening," said Princess Samante, a senior at Waianae High School.

The sign waving is part of the Honolulu Police Department's "Project Safe Graduation" to prevent traffic crashes. They're urging drivers to slow down and not to drink and drive, especially at a time when these young people are celebrating.

"When you graduate, you shouldn't worry about anything," said Vince McCrocklin, a senior at Waianae High School. "You're at the peak of happiness, cause when you graduate, no more high school no more. Now it's college."

"Speeding, alcohol, is a no-no," said Ofc. Antone Pacheco. "We can save lives, especially the young kids we want them to get our there, and start life, we don't want anyone injured or dying."

Police are concentrating their campaign on the Leeward Coast.

"We have seven percent of the population, but we have, on average 25 percent of the traffic fatalities on the island," said Ofc. Pacheco. "We wanna get out there to reduce the numbers, make it zero percent traffic fatalities with seven percent of the population. That's our ultimate goal."

And see 100-percent of these kids to live long, successful lives.

Project Safe Graduation continues over the next two weeks. Sign wavers will be out at Nanakuli, Campbell, and Kapolei high schools.