Mercedes Smart Car Available Locally

By Kristine Uyeno

HONOLULU (KHNL) - With gas prices on the rise and increased concern about our environment, some drivers continue to look for alternatives.

Several automakers have some on the market.

Mercedes has come out with its own, called the Smart Car.

"It's extremely environmentally safe, has excellent fuel efficiency, it has almost zero to no emissions," said James Tucker, local distributor.

It's well known in Europe and Asia but slowly making its way to the United States. It may be small, but don't let its size fool you. It can go 100 miles per hour.

The car gets about 56 miles to the gallon. Distributors say it could be the last car you ever buy.

"Because of the inherit safety standards, the outstanding engine which is a Mercedes designed engine, it's 61 horsepower," said Tucker.

And its durability?

"These panels are extremely resistant to any kind of dings or shopping cart, but they're also interchangeable in colors," said Tucker.

Inside, the car seats two people and has a small trunk.

The Smart Car has the same basic features as other vehicles. It has a CD player, air conditioning and dual airbags.

It costs about $28,000. To find out how to get one, click on the link on tghis page.