Kamehameha Schools Settlement

Dee Jay Mailer
Dee Jay Mailer
Vanessa Iwai
Vanessa Iwai

(KHNL) - The Kamehameha Schools celebrate a victory united!

Teachers and administrators marched along side the students on campus, after news of a lawsuit threatening it's 120 year old admissions policy is dropped this morning.

Kahameha Schools and the plaintiff in the case, a John Doe who is now in college agree on a settlement and to keep the details confidential.

Some parents of students attending the school felt the suit would threaten their children's education.

Vanessa Iwai says, "to hear they were going to take away the policy, that was devastating."

The school's critics have said the admissions policy is racist, and should not give native hawaiians prefence at acceptance.

But the school's CEO says, the policy is just, and the founder, Bernice Pauahi Bishop knew what she was doing.

Dee Jay Mailer says Pauahi, "set up a private trust in order to set up her beneficiaries which were the children of Hawaii. And so we as private citizens anywhere in the world should hold on to that right to use our assets as we choose for our beneficiaries."

Vanessa Iwai agrees, and is grateful for Pauahi's legacy.

She says, "That's the thing that bonds us together, so if the admissions policy was opened up to anybody, that specialness that uniqueness is gone."

The attorney for the plaintiff did not return our calls.

Representatives for the school say, they do expect future challenges, and they are prepared to continue their fight.