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Memorial Held For Fallen Honolulu Police Officers

Darren Cachola Darren Cachola
Survivor Donna Veal Survivor Donna Veal
The Late Honolulu Police Officer Steve Favella The Late Honolulu Police Officer Steve Favella

By: Roger Mari

(KHNL) - They put their lives on the line everyday to protect our community.

Tonight, Honolulu Police Officers are celebrating the highs and remembering the low-points of 75 years of service.

Police week in Hawaii begins with celebrating 75 years of service, and honoring fallen comrades like Honolulu Police Officer Steve Favella. He died in the line of duty while escorting the president's motorcade back in November.

"It meant a lot to be here tonight to remember Steve who was a big part of our family, he's greatly missed, he was a great guy," said Honolulu Police Officer Darren Cachola.

There were other officers who were honored, and for their survivors, tonight's ceremony let them know that the spirit of their loved ones will live on.

"Brothers, sisters, mothers, father's girlfriends and co-workers are all the legacy of our fallen officers. And through the span of 75-years, we are touched by what they gave to us," said Survivor Donna Berengasser.

For many, the yearly memorial helps in the healing process but for others it's very difficult to find closure.

"I don't think it ever ends, it comes in different waves, you get a rest period here and there, every year brings new challenges," said Survivor Donna Veal.

The 18-hundred Honolulu officers currently on the job look to continue serving their community with the same aloha, as their fallen comrades.

In Washington D.C., Honolulu Police Chief Boisse Correa will attend a wreath laying ceremony with the widow of fallen Hawaii police officer Steve Favella and their family. The service will be held tomorrow at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

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