What's Up on khnl.com: Hawaii's Cool Schools

(KHNL) -  Recently, K-H-N-L News 8 has gone back to high school.  We've traveled around Oahu to check out some of Hawaii's cool schools.  And in a matter of days, you'll get to decide which school is the coolest.

Some of the coolest schools are right here in Hawaii. From the North Shore to the south, we're featuring 20 of Hawaii's cool high schools. So which school is cooler? The voting is in your hands.

What's cool? How about Hawaii's schools. Twenty schools throughout the island of Oahu will be featured on our segment "Hawaii's Cool Schools" and you'll see it only on K-H-N-L News 8.

Every high school has something that makes it stand out, whether it's Farrington High School's Girls Wrestling Team.  Kaimuki High School's English Class, or Kapolei High School's Poly Club.

All of Hawaii's Cool Schools are featured on KHNL.com.  Starting May 23rd through the 31st, you'll get to vote online for your favorite cool school and on June 1st, we'll announce the winner.

So keep watching KHNL News 8 for more Hawaii's Cool Schools and log on to khnl.com to vote for your favorite school.  After all the votes are tabulated, the students at the winning school will receive free Papa John's Preferred Customer Cards.  And of course, bragging rights.