Bills Call for Tougher Pesticide Control

Rep. Kirk Caldwell
Rep. Kirk Caldwell
Clare Apana
Clare Apana

HONOLULU (KHNL) - New bills making their way to Governor Linda Lingle's desk call for tougher pesticide control.

Just in the past 14 months, three schools shut down because of toxic pesticide fumes.

"We've had children who had to go through the whole hazmat process, and get cleaned off with water because of improper use of pesticides," said Rep. Kirk Caldwell, (D) Majority Leader.

Clare Apana claims pesticide fumes caused a debilitating brain injury.

"I lost my entire house, my life, my business, my health," she said. "Everyday I have to worry about am I going to come into contact with a little bit of this pesticide?"

Two pieces of legislation call for tougher pesticide control.

House Bill 1646 requires pesticide retailers to "post warning signs with information on the proper handling, storage, and disposal of pesticides."

House Bill 1641 "prohibits the sale, solicitation, or receipt of orders for restricted use pesticides to an unlicensed pest control applicator."

"With these signs and this law, you will be able be able to make a much better choice," said Apana.

In the end Apana wants people to use extra caution whenever they use pesticides.

"When you think about getting rid of these little pests, you could be getting rid of people," she said.

Many Hawaii farms, gardens and nurseries say they are already doing what these laws require. To find out more on Hawaii pesticide rules and laws, click the link on this page.